Pack of 20 x12" Big White Polka Dot Prints on Multi Colour Balloons

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Pack of 20 x 12"- Big White Polka Dot Prints ( All Around Prints)

If you are searching for a delightful balloon that fill an occasion with happiness, then look no further than this stunning mix of big polka dots!  We also carry Big White Polka Dots on Assorted pastel colour balloons, Big White Polka Dots on Pink Balloons and Big Black Polka Dots on Red Balloons

These printed  balloons are of helium quality and can be inflated with air or helium for the desired use.  For inflating balloons, we recommend our balloon pumps. 

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Quantity        : 20 pieces  pack 

Size               : 30cm dia

Print              : Big White Polka Dots Screen Printed All Around 

Volume           :  8.3 litres

Floating Time: 8 hours**

Quality            : CE & TUV Toy Safety certififications. 100% Made in Italy Certification.  Helium Quality. 

 * The balloon colours illustrated match the colours of the inflated balloons as much as possible. Due to monitor settings, the actual colours may vary

** Floating time of Helium filled balloons in internal environment at 18° C  HR 65%- The experiment has been carried out by inflating balloons with pure helium gas for balloons without any additional products. Helium Gas Purity 99.5%

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