Glow Eye Glasses

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Get set to have fun as soon as you put on a pair of our Novelty Glowing Eye Glasses! Glowing Eye Glasses have been used at dances, night golf tournaments and sporting events and every kind of glow party you can imagine. They're a best seller at Fourth of July, New Year's Eve and celebrations and fairs. If you're planning a birthday party or planning on selling at a major event, plan on having fun with Glowing Eye Glasses!


Bend the along the entire length of the 8" light sticks just enough to break the internal capsules. Shake well to mix and start the glow! Then assemble the glasses by pushing the ends of the 8" glow sticks into the center piece and then clipping on the stems - Now it's time to put on your fully assembled Glowing Eye Glasses and start the party!

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